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 ESC Congress 2014 30 Aug 2014 - 03 Sep 2014 , Barcelona - Spain

Call for abstracts

ESC Congress 2014


Where 10,000 abstracts and leading science come together.
Submit your work. Help shape the future of cardiology.

Submission deadline is Friday 14 February 2014, midnight CET

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Next Steps

  • 14 February 2014: deadline to submit your abstract online
  • Early May 2014: Abstract results. An email will be sent to each abstract submitter. Abstract selection and session assignement will be available online. View abstract session types
  • 31 May 2014: Early registration deadline: all abstract presenters must be registered at the Congress.
  • June 2014: Deadline to submit abstract agreement form.




ESC Congress 2014 in Barcelona: submit your abstract, register and book your hotel

ESC Congress 2014 - focus onMake sure to submit your abstract before 14 February 2014 (Midnight CET).

Aged 36 and under? Submit your most challenging clinical case before 1 March 2014 (Midnight CET).

 Innovation and the Heart: 
The spotlight of this year's congress captures innovations in scientific discovery, clinical practice, technology, education and importantly in applications to clinical care.
Cardiology is evolving rapidly and it is critically important to keep up to date, not only in the areas of our special interests but also in what is happening elsewhere across the spectrum of cardiovascular disease.


1001 reasons to attend ESC Congress

"More than ever, ESC Congress is the forum at which researchers aspire to present their work. With over 10 000 abstracts submitted from 74 countries in 2013, we believe ESC Congress is a true representation of scientific developments internationally, within Europe and beyond."

Read the full welcome letter by Prof. Panos Vardas, ESC President and Prof. Keith A.A. Fox, Chairperson of the ESC Congress Programme Committee.

ESC Congress 2014 is accredited by the European Board for Accreditation in Cardiology (EBAC) and by the European Accreditation Council in CME (EACCME) for 25 hours of external CME Credits. EBAC/EACCME credits are also recognised by the American Medical Association towards the Physician's Recognition Award (PRA). Please refer to theAMA website for instructions to convert EACCME Credit to AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ 




[공지] 연구소 성희롱 예방교육자료 배포 까칠한거리 2015.07.20 487
[공지] 홈페이지 배너광고 까칠한거리 2014.01.28 672
26 [참고] 나승운 교수님 11월 일정 까칠한거리 2015.11.05 553
25 [공지] 향후 학회일정 공지합니다. 까칠한거리 2015.10.08 382
24 [참고] 나승운 교수님 10월 일정 관리자 2015.10.02 429
23 [참고] 나승운 교수님 9월 일정 까칠한거리 2015.08.31 417
22 [참고] 나승운교수님 8월 일정 까칠한거리 2015.08.03 428
21 [참고] 나승운 교수님 7월 일정 까칠한거리 2015.06.30 486
20 [참고] 나승운 교수님 6월 일정 까칠한거리 2015.05.29 520
19 [공지]향후 학회일정 공지합니다. 까칠한거리 2015.05.11 566
18 [참고] 나승운 교수님 5월 일정 까칠한거리 2015.05.06 641
17 [참고] 나승운 교수님 4월 일정입니다. 까칠한거리 2015.04.03 516
16 [참고] 나승운 교수님 3월 일정 관리자 2015.03.02 424
15 [참고] 나승운 교수님 2월 일정 관리자 2015.01.28 455
14 [참고] 나승운 교수님 2015년 1월 일정 까칠한거리 2014.12.29 465
13 [참고] 나승운 교수님 11~12월 일정 까칠한거리 2014.11.17 462
12 [참고] 나승운 교수님 10~11월 일정 까칠한거리 2014.10.01 434
11 [참고] 나승운 교수님 8~9월 일정 까칠한거리 2014.08.01 519
10 [참고] 나승운 교수님 7월 일정 관리자 2014.06.30 424
9 [참고] Dr.R 2014년 5~6월 공식일정 까칠한거리 2014.05.02 551
8 제5회 심혈관합병증연구회 심포지움에서 합병증 관련 케이스를 모집 합니다. 까칠한거리 2014.04.09 423